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What does being “transgender” or “trans” mean?


What pronouns should I use for someone who is trans?


And what’s the big deal with bathrooms?!?!


In this heartwarming and informative book (ages 9-99), the Deaton family explores common questions about what it means to be transgender -- from the perspective of a family who lives it joyously! 


With colorful illustrations by artist Ryan Fennessey, Top 10 Trans Questions invites readers into a safe space where tough questions are answered head-on, with love, hope, and acceptance. 


The book also provides resources on how to support and advocate for a transgender friend or family member in today’s ever-changing world.  


Story by: Joan Deaton

Ilustrations by: Ryan Fennessey 

Top 10 Trans Questions Answered

SKU: 9 780578 302171
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