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Top 10 Trans Questions Answered is a book that explores what it means to be transgender, written from the perspective of a family who lives it joyously! 


Queer Family.

Straight Answers.


Welcome to Our Safe Space

Hello! We're Joan and Lindsey Deaton, and we're so glad you're here.

About 8 years ago, when Lindsey began her transition as a transgender woman, neither of us knew where it would lead. As a married couple, we both had a lot of fears — of the unknown, of losing someone, of being abandoned.


But with courage, open communication, and a shared willingness to grow, we were able to love through the fear.

Today our driving force is to provide a fun and easy way to create safer spaces for families and society!


Joan wrote the book Top 10 Trans  Questions Answered...By An Actual Trans Family to share common sense truths about being transgender, as well as to educate the public on how to support trans and non-binary loved ones.



Our Core Values Are Simple:




And more LOVE! 

We are thrilled that our children (more on them below) joined us in the creation of this project, and we look forward to seeing where it takes us. 


In the meantime, welcome to our safe space. Take your shoes off and get comfortable.


You are valued here.

You are seen.

And you are loved. 

Meet Our Family

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She / Her



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She / Her / They

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She / Her

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She / Her

Joan has written this book to provide common sense truths about being transgender and how family and friends can provide a safe space for their loved one to grow up happily. Joan was an IT specialist for Fortune 500 companies for over 35 year and currently resides in Southern California. She is a fierce ally and witness to the queer/tgi/BIPOC communities.

Lindsey is a creator, an artistic director, a public servant and a fierce transgender and LGBTIQ+ youth advocate. She is one of the world’s leading experts on the transgender singing voice and is widely recognized as a leader in building the global trans choral movement. She has spoken and written extensively on how to create a safer choral space for trans and gender non-conforming singers.

Mary is a Los Angeles based actress and voice over artist. She loves tacos, her husband who makes her tacos, and her future dog.

Joci is a multidisciplinary artist living in Los Angeles. She fills her time with books, bad tv, and her plant children.  

Meet Our Illustrator


Ryan Fennessey

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Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ryan has been doing professional illustration for over 15 years. What started out as a summer job at an amusement park doing caricatures has turned into a full-time graphic design and illustration career. Ryan studied graphic communication design at the University of Cincinnati’s College of DAAP (Design, Architecture, Art, & Planning), and through working and growing with the community, Ryan has had the priviledge to work with many different talented friends and (LGBTQ+) organizations.


In 2016, Ryan moved to Seattle, Washington to pursue a job in graphic design and animation and is still currently working there today, doing caricatures on the weekends. Ryan has a passion for visual storytelling through character design and illustration, and helping people understand difficult concepts through fun imagery. 

My Books
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What does being “transgender” or “trans” mean?


What pronouns should I use for someone who is trans?


And what’s the big deal with bathrooms?!?!

In this heartwarming and informative book (ages 9-99), the Deaton family explores common questions about what it means to be transgender -- from the perspective of a family who lives it joyously! 


With colorful illustrations by artist Ryan Fennessey, Top 10 Trans Questions Answered invites readers into a safe space where tough questions are answered head-on, with love, hope, and acceptance. 


The book also provides resources on how to support and advocate for a transgender friend or family member in today’s ever-changing world.  


We can't wait to meet you in person!


Stay tuned for more information on live events and book signings. 

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